The meeting between

Art and  Taste

The "Lorusso" Mill

is a company that has been operating in the milling industry since 1970 in Cutro (Kr).

It is the direct emanation of the Lorusso family's experience, as a mill, matured since 1940 by Mario Lorusso, founder of the company.

The sons Bonaventura and Carmine carried on the family tradition, expanding it with the aid of the most modern technologies and expanding it with the creation of an artisan pasta factory.

Our production philosophy is based on the enhancement of the highest values ​​of craftsmanship.

It is our urgent commitment to search for raw materials and maintain production methods that allow us to enhance the aromas and flavors of the bread of the past.

Ours Products

A wide range of conventional and organic products, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Simple Foodsand genuine

linked to the Italian tradition, and produced in full compliance with current Community legislation on food safety.


We believe in the value of people, in respect for the land, in the recovery of ancient traditions.




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