In the heart of the Crotonese Marquisate

Molino Lorusso was born in a land rich in sun, traditions and flavors that know of Greek - Spanish and Bourbon domination.Marking the dawn of a new production system, a synthesis of culture and its history, but also a projection towards a future full of technological innovations.

Throughout its long history, Molino Lorusso has constantly improved its manufacturing processes, investing in the company and respecting the regulations relating to food safety, but above all by jealously preserving the experiences, traditions and values ​​handed down by the company founder Mario Lorusso. .

A path based on constancy, innovation and respect for tradition and product quality that has allowed the Molino to maintain its role of reference for the local community and beyond and to achieve, year after year, excellent results with considerable appreciation also by customers from all over Italy.

Our flours

We select the most suitable raw materials to produce high quality flours with accuracy and rigor.

Our Mission  is to produce flour, re-milled semolina and extra durum wheat semolina for pasta with an artisanal process.

For over 30 years we have been researching and using only the best Italian durum wheat from the Crotonese marquisate, to offer you quality products.

Our Pastes

The pasta factorytransforms the durum wheat of the Crotonese Marquisate into a pasta of the color of its wheat, processed in the Molino of the Lorusso house;drawn according to the rules of the ancient pasta makers, artfully dried to ensure that at the table you can smell and taste the memories.

Always looking for ideas and productsthat meet the tastes and needs of consumers, over the years the Pastificio and Molino Lorusso has been able to distinguish itself in interpreting, with originality and creative flair, the most classic ingredient of Italian cuisine:the pasta.

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